A Meal Pass to give all your food problems a pass!

Hyderabad is one of the most interesting cities to live in. The city’s cultural richness also comes from hosting people from across the country in its heart. From students to working professionals, the city has an intriguing assortment of people who come in and find a permanent home here.

We all find friends and colleagues here, make families here, and the biryani, chai and chatter over lunch at work fills the void left by staying away from home. When we started TinMen, it was driven by the need and longing for tasty, comforting food from home for which you don’t really have to compromise.

With more than 50 chefs across cuisines that range from Bengali, to Gujarati, Andhra, Tamil, North Indian, Maharashtrian and Continental, TinMen offers healthy, affordable food made with a lot of love and care.

To take it a step further, we are now introducing the Tinmen mealpass. The TinMen mealpass gives you access to all the home-cooked food that you want at very affordable everyday prices. Have Rajma Chawal from Chef Renu’s kitchen or Andhra chicken from Chef Rajini’s or any of the 700 options we have during the six working days of the week, all at Rs.65 for veg and Rs.75 for non-veg throughout the month.”

We would rather you not spend your time in lunch queues or buying groceries, but get that book, movie or that date and have a completely satisfying answer when mom calls to ask – aaj khane me kya khaya? #mummykepass

Get the TinMen mealpass on your App or visit – http://www.tinmen.in

Available for Android and Webapp Users. Available for iOS in 3 days.


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