5 Types of Eaters We All Know

The messy ones, the obsessively clean ones, the fast food lover, the health food-obsessed, the cook, the allergy stricken, the farmer’s market resident- there are as many foodies as there are cuisines (or are there? Not sure, I’m busy eating to research anymore). But here are basically a few that are the most common species existing in all our lives. So have a read and tag those that exist in your lives.
P.S- this blog is best read with a plateful of snacks.

The I-Live-To-Eat Eater
We aren’t foodies. We are food addicts. We eat everything. All the time. Just because. There’s stress-eating, joy-eating, bored-eating, busy-eating, eating-to-gain-weight, eating-right-to-lose-weight, eating-because-I-don’t-care-about-my-weight; basically eating-because-I’m-breathing and not eating-SO-that-I-can breathe. That’s a lot of typing, I’m gonna get a snack and passover over the keyboard to the next one.

The Instagram Eater
The word ‘feed’ to us means our Instagram home-page. The rising steam, the melting ice-cream, the fogging glass of chilled water, the shining forks, the dining table (ok may be not that), everything about food is click-worthy to us. First it feeds our Instagram handle, then it feeds our hearts and that’s just how food is to us. The pizza guy just delivered and the shot would look great in sepia, so over to the next.

The I-Evaporate-the-Food-I-Eat Eater
At least that’s what our friends think our food ultimately ends up going- whoof! In the air! We are the luckiest people alive. We have six packs, or are really skinny and our bodies are inversely proportionally to the kind and quantity of food we eat. We. Just. Refuse. To. Put. On. Weight. No. Matter. How. Much. We. Eat. Sigh! Let’s celebrate life with some cheese fries. Not really, a WHOLE LOT of cheese fries, because, I mean, just look at us.

The Non-Eater Eater
It’s not that we enjoy food. We do. Yes, we really do. And yes, we really, really do get REALLY hungry. And we aren’t lying when we exclaim “I’m famished” as soon as we sit at the restaurant table. But, mid-way appetisers and we’re done. Well…we eat less doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it, we just think quantity isn’t the only proof of showing how much we’ve loved our meal (i.e, starters). We often wonder whether we could finish the whole main course if we skip appetisers…hmm…we’ll think of it while munching on some appetisers.

The Adventurous Eater
From salads to Sharks, we’ve eaten everything and we’re wondering what else can we eat next. Repeating restaurants or a dish is…just…sin. Our greatest fear is to live to see a world where we’ve eaten absolutely everything and there’s nothing new for us to try. *What’s that movement? A swaying plant or a floating creature? Wonder how that would taste.*

The Picky Eater
Our sandwiches are first disbanded, then bitten into. Our pizza boxes are littered with toppings. Ordering a dish has more “Without-s” than the very ingredients (not really, we’re just trying to give a picture of our souls). “I’ll cook” or, “let’s try this new place” are the scariest words we dread to hear and we have strained relationships that have ended with “I’ll never cook for you.” A clean plate at the end of dinner is a matter of pride.

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