Top 5 Foods for Monsoon


The word ‘rain’ has become synonymous with chai and pakoda. Not to forget the bhuttas by the road that also add to the charm of monsoons. However, be it that annoying itchy throat, or a full fledged fever, monsoons also bring along a much higher chance of falling ill. So we’ve got you a simple list of foods that can keep you healthy and going, so that you can truly enjoy the nature’s showers, rather than spending them lying sick in bed.

Steamed & grilled, over fried
Yes, those samosas and pakodas are quite tempting and sure can be enjoyed in strict quantities, however, if you’re looking for healthier but equally tasty options, grilled is your way to go. Steamed momos, or grilled chicken are not only safer and healthier options during monsoons, but are equally tantalising to your taste buds.

Bitter the better
Skin infections and allergies are known to shoot up during the monsoons. Bitter foods like bitter gourd, methi seeds, turmeric and neem have medicinal properties that strengthen your immune system, keeping such irritations away.

Antioxidants all the way
Ginger, pumpkin, cumin, asafoetida, almonds, cinnamons, plums, berries, etc are rich in antioxidants. These foods are also known to strengthen the immune system and keep the widespread, monsoon-bred illnesses away. Garlic especially works wonders, keeping you strong the going.

Water, water everywhere
The benefits of this magic drink are endless. In monsoons however, staying hydrated becomes even more important, as, unlike during the summers, you don’t feel as thirsty during monsoons and can end up dehydrated. Drink enough water, so that your system remains clean. Drinking boiled water at a warm temperature will keep your throat smooth too.

Seasonal Fruit-Frenzy
Litchi, apples, plums, bananas, pomegranate and peaches are some monsoon fruits that you must not miss out on. They’re healthy, boost immunity and also keep you active. Strictly avoid non-seasonal and pre-cut fruits as they have higher chances of bacterial infection.

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